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Difference between Blue and Red?

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1 Difference between Blue and Red? on Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:24 pm


Okay this might sound weird, but there is deffinately a difference between blue and red fledglings and vamps.

Blue Fledgling/Adult: They are what you call to be the original vampyre, those who are chosen by Nyx, they go through the change in order to become an adult vampyre. Most of these fledglings do not however make it through the change, but they do, they turn into adult vampyres, and are able to leave the house of night and go wherever they wish to go. There are differences, one of which between men and women of Blue. Men are known to have physical abilities, and women with element/mental abilities, it's very rare to see either man or woman to have the opposite abilities, like a woman having any physical, and a man having element/mental abilities.

Red Fledgling/Adult: The Red vamps were brought back to life by Neferet in hopes of making an evil Red fledgling army and to bring Kalona back. The Red vamps tend to be more evil, some have to try to find their humanity, while others are fine with being evil. Anyways so far it's really unknown what kind of abilities these guys can have, but that's what makes it fun now doesn't it?

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