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Becomming a Red Vampyre

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1 Becomming a Red Vampyre on Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:26 am


When you become a red vampyre you had already died from the change when you were a blue vampyre, meaning you were giving a liquid substance that once Neferet used in order to make an army of red vampyres to ressurect Kalona in order to take over humanity, or in this case killing all humans. You are now in fact a red vampyre, one who is basically like Dracula.

  • you are unable to go out into the sun, for if you do--you will burn to a crisp.
  • you are able to tempt humans into letting you inside their house (yes seriously you can't go inside someone's house unless invited).
  • you cannot control your bloodlust until an adult.
  • you can either be good or evil

It is up to you as the players to figure out what to do with your character, are they good or bad? Will they be able to control their bloodlust? Or will they just be a mindless monster?

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