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This forum is for those who enjoy the reading the series of House of Night, and wish to roleplay as their own character, or one of the original characters from the book.

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Storyline for House of Night

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1 Storyline for House of Night on Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:36 pm


Alright this isn't really my best work,so if some parts sound confusing it's because the character I play has gone crazy.

20 years after the House of Night Series.

"Airy light of the moon
Mystery of the deep earth
Power of the flowing water
Warmth of the burning flame
In Nyx's name we call to thee!"

From the outside light flooded out into the night, everything quite, everything seemed so far normal, the young girl stepped into the dim light near the statue, she didn't want to go in, and she couldn't either way. She noticed that some of the guards were watching her with close eyes; did they think she would star tsomething? Or were they there for another reason, either way she didn't care as her black dress dragged across the land under her.

"Air, which gave us our first breaths, helping us even today--giving you the right to be called first--come to me" she said lighting the yellow candle near here, and wind blasted around her, lifting her hair all over the place, nothing seemed out of place so far. Then she start for the next element, "Fire which burns within us, sometimes giving us faith and passion, or giving us hurt and destruction--come to me."

Warmth spread within her body as she lit the red candle, and looked up at the statue of Nyx, she truly felt that the goddess was watching over her--nothing seemed to faze her, at least not right now.

"Healing of ills
Right of wrongs
Cleansing of impurity
Desiring truths
In Nyx's name we call to thee."

Healing of ills? What a joke..if it really could happen, then why didn't it save her lover? Was it not meant to be? No! She wouldn't accept was her life that Nyx had taken...her lover...her Gabriel.... She looked at Nyx's statue with dark eyes as she started to speak the next words with sadness. "Water who gives gentle, but earth shattering waves--you who gives us support with water within and the need for it every so often--come to me" she said feeling cold water against her feet, and smelling the salty air coming into her nose as she lit the blue candle.

She moved toward earth, something that always gave her comfort as she picked up the green candle that lay near the goddess' statue. She lit it while speaking the words, "earth which gave us birth, giving us strength to move forward, and giving us a home to live on--come to me....." She felt the grass under her feet, the smell of wheat filled her nose, and she loved the smell of it.

"Sight of the cat
Hearing of the dolphin
Speed of the snake
Mystery of the phoenix
In Nyx's name we call to thee
And ask that with us you will blessed be!"

She couldn't help but laugh at the words the high prestess was saying within the temple; she just loved to use that poem--why? The young girl did not know, but she always heard her reciting it every meeting they had in the temple in order to give thanks to the mighty vampyre goddess. Like that could do anything, it still didn't bring back her beloved, her Gabriel.

Finally she decided to light the last candle, even though she knew who was suppose to hold this candle, she felt a deep sadness all of a sudden, it was his candle, and he would never hold it again...never.... As she lit the candle she spoke.

"Spirit which is our very being--which gives me strength to move forward, but help me to never forget what has happened to those who I care for--come to me."

She waited and waited, but nothing happened--no other element coming to her--no connection at all, why? She looked at the statue, even when people came out of the temple, she wouldn't look at them, and they didn't in return. Her lips trembled, "why Nyx?" she whispered, "why have you abandoned me? What have I've done wrong to not to be in your favor anymore?"

Tears stung her eyes as she kept looking at the statue, from the temples huge doors did she--the high priestess looked, looking with worry even as her advisor came up, "this is the second time--spirit still won't come to her?" he asked. The high priestess nodded, "you are hasn't come to her, something has happened, I'll have to pray for Nyx in order to get those answers I suppose..but I do not know what I can do to help her."

Her advisor smiled, "don't worry...I'm very sure you'll find that answer, even without helping her...I just hope that we'll be able to help her, she's such a nice girl...I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her, she's nice...and doesn't deserve what she has gone through."

The high preiestess nodded, "you're right, the question"

It has been 20 years since Zoey Redbird had been at the House of Night, now she has taken the position of High Priestess. Everything was going fine till the entrance of two lovers, and only one of them survived, what happened to the lover is unknown to the other students, but some rules are just to kept under control. Now the girl has lost the ability to contact spirit, can she be saved from the person she's becoming? Or will she only turn into a monster?

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