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Vampire Facts

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1 Vampire Facts on Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:09 pm


alright I wish to thank the House of Night Series fansite: House of Night Fans for the information that we needed for this site. Thank you.-

Vampire Facts

  • unable to get drunk(kind of, it just takes awhile)


  • Recover quickly from injuries, unless they are fatal.


  • burns red fledglings and adults. Blue vampires are not killed in the sun like Red Vampires. Not even blue fledglings are.
  • irritates blue vampires and fledlings.
  • avoid as much as possible


  • it's freaky, but they somehow always know the time.


  • Fledglings can't lie to an adult vampires if asked a direct question.


  • hair and nails grow fast.
  • Sapphire crecent moons for fledglings. Red for the red fledglings.
  • Filled in with swirls once they become an adult vampire.
  • each tattoo of the moon and swirls are different and unique.

Blood lust/Sexuality:
  • depends on sex, age, past, and strength of feelings between the two.


  • They roam the school freely.
  • they choose their vampire. They are not pets.
  • Jealous if other cats come anywhere near their vampire

Dark Daughters/Sons

  • Upper Classmen
  • Leader is trainned to be a high priestess
  • Air- Authentic
  • Fire- Faithful
  • Water- Wise
  • Earth- Empathetic
  • Spirit- Sincere
    What that means that whoever is representing that element, must also act like it as well. So does everyone who joins the dark daughter and sons.

Life at the House of Night:

  • Third Formers(Freshmen)- Silver Labyrinth of Nyx.
  • Fourth Formers(Sophomores)- Wings of Eros
  • Fifth Formers(Juniors)- Nyx's golden chariot pulling trails of stars.
  • Sixth Formers(Seniors)- The three fates
    These are the class of a fledgling, they will also wear symbols on their uniform to represent their year.

Leaving School grounds:

  • When fledglings leave the House of Night, they must cover their Mark with concealer (B) and they cannot wear any part of the school uniform. They also must stay in close proximity with adult vampyres or the Change will escalate after a few hours and the body will begin to reject it, leading to death.


  • School starts at 8pm and ends at 3am.
  • gym is open til dawn
  • Nyx's temple is always open

The time list can be found in every classroom, common rooms, and gathering areas.

This is just the basic information, if you all wish to know more, than please don't be afraid to visit the fansite link above. Also if you have anymore questions please reply.

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