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This forum is for those who enjoy the reading the series of House of Night, and wish to roleplay as their own character, or one of the original characters from the book.

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Forum Rules

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1 Forum Rules on Fri Apr 08, 2011 3:31 pm



1. Username will contain only the name of the character you are using. Nothing with any sexual content, or religious content, etc.
2. Profile picture must be of the character. Nothing sexual, etc.
3. Staff are the law here in this forum, give respect and you will be respected back. This rule also goes for guests.
4. This is a forum created by forumotion, all their rules apply to here.
5. All members here are family once they join, like I said before give respect to your seniors and staff. Do not start fights, be courteous of others, and treat others how you want to be treated.

Character Registration:

6. All characters will be placed into submission until approved or disapproved. Submission is just as soon as you enter the character registration. There will be no category for it.
7. All characters will be looked over by staff only!
8. Two-thirds vote needed only to approve or disapprove.
9. No Mary or Gary-Sue's--there is no perfect being(okay maybe the Goddess Nyx, but still!).
10. All character personalities, appearance, etc. will be played the same way descriped until they are full vampire, then they can change their appearance a bit.
11. if not full vampire, you must ask the staff to make a change to your character.

Vampire Rules:
12. Blue and Red vampires are to avoid the sun.
13. When asked a direct question by an adult vampire, you cannot lie.
14. Adult vampires cannot be with fledglings (though I'm pretty sure that rules doesn't truly exist anymore).
15. This site is 18 and over, meaning if under the age of 18; you will be staying away from thread with the XXX in the title. If caught in one, or making one, the thread will be immediately deleted.

17. If you are imprinted, you will always follow the vampire that imprinted you.
18. You cannot go to the House of Night. To many accidents...could happen there.
19. When the vampire that imprinted you dies, or ends the imprint. You will feel pain afterwords.
20. If you become a person of faith--meaning you hate vampires, I wish you the best.

21. This is a flowed posting forum, meaning:
Player 1 posts first
Player 2 posts second
Player 3 posts third

Whoever starts posting first, that posting order will continue on, not like this:
Player 2 posts first
PLayer 1 posts second
Player 3 posts third.

Like this:
Player 1 posts first
player 2 posts second
player 3 posts third
22. Time era is also important, you can't be in every topic at once, there must be a different time line for it. Like for instance: Meeting- 7:30pm, then you post at another topic Friends meeting- 10pm, that is a time difference there.

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